Krista G.


Hi, my name is Krista. At the time I conducted this science project I was 11 years old. It was a good choice of topics for me personally because, after September 11th I wondered what size of building could withstand impact the best (which size would be more sturdy). Also this topic earned me third place at the Washington State science fair.

My Family
I have six people in my family- a dad, mom, two sisters, and a brother. My mom, Ronna is a substistute teacher and my dad, Aurelio teaches teachers. My older sister is in 9th grade, my older brother is in 7th grade and my twin sister is also in 6th grade. I n the summer we enjoy taking trips, swimming, playing tennis,and spending time together. We own five pets, two dogs; one is a  Jack Russell Terrior named Oreo, and a Mutt named Daisy. We also own three cats, two of them are grown kittens of the mother (she is our third cat) Nellie. Her two kittens names (which are now cats) are Kaky and Buster. I enjoy spending time with my family, they are a ton of fun!

My Hobbies and Interests
One of my hobbies is to cook! I love cooking because you can make up recipes and just play aroung with food. Another thing I like to do is play basketball, last year was my first time ever playing on a team. It was a lot of fun and was a good experience. I also like to play with little puppies they are so cute when they are little and have a squeaky bark. Lastly, I collect candy wrappers. I don't know how I thought up the idea for it but I sometimes use them as book marks or just keep them in the pouch that I keep them in.

My Plans for the Future

First, I want to graduate from collage and High School, and try to earn my masters degree .Then, for my future career I want to own a little bakery/cafe. If my bakery business is not able to proceed I plan on buying a house far in the country and start a farm.

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