Which Frozen Liquid Will Melt the Quickest?

Researched by Brittani J.


The purpose of this experiment was to find out which kind of frozen liquid would melt the quickest.
 I became interested in this idea when I was looking on the Internet and saw a seventh grader had a similar idea.
 Information gained from this experiment useful to those to prefer frozen beverages.


My hypothesis is that the frozen Dr. Pepper will melt the quickest.
 I base my hypothesis on information that indicates liquid that is not all the way solid will melt quicker.


The constants in this study were…

  • Room temp.
  • Size of ice cubes
  • Time in freezer 
  • Same kind of cup
  • Same size of cup
The manipulated variable was the kinds of liquids.

The responding variable was length of time it took for them to melt.  I measured the responding variable in minutes.


3 Ice cube trays
Bags (optional)
15 tsp.
Grape Juice 
15 tsp.
Apple Juice
15 tsp. Vinegar
15 tsp.
Kool-aid (Grape)
15 tsp.
15 tsp. Dr. Pepper
15 tsp. Diet Cola
15 tsp. Milk
15 tsp. Orange Juice
15 tsp. Coffee
15 tsp. Chocolate Milk
15 tsp. Pickle Juice
15 tsp. Oil
15 tsp. Soy Sauce 


1. First you pour Dr. Pepper into three different sections in the ice cube tray.
2. Then you take the rest of the liquids and put each into three different sections (Caution diet pop tends to overflow so leave a space)
3. Put the ice cube trays in the freezer until they are all frozen.
4. Once they are all frozen take them out and put one of each kind in a different cup.
5. Record what happens about every five minutes and record when one melts.
6. After they are all melted dump out the liquids left and put in new ice cubes.  Then record the information.
7. Do this a third time and record data then make a graph and look at the similarities 


The results of this experiment were the different speeds that they melted.
Grape Juice took 79-114 minutes.  Vinegar took 91-121.  Dr. Pepper took 97-130.  Kool-Aid took 
98-120. Apple Juice took 106-134.  Orange Juice took 109-137.  Chocolate Milk took 120-135.  Milk took 123-147.  Coffee took 125-130 Diet Cola took 131-141 Water took 132-152.  Pickle Juice, Oil, and Soy Sauce did not work because they did not freeze correctly.  I think these did not work because they have a high sodium content.

See Table and Graph


My hypothesis was that Dr. Pepper would melt faster.

  The results indicate that this hypothesis should be rejected because the Grape Juice melted first.

 Because of this experiment I wonder if I mixed water in with each liquid if it would make a difference.

 If I were to conduct this experiment again I would take better notes more often.

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