Ethan B.


Hi, my name is Ethan. At the time I conducted this science project I was twelve years old. It was a good choice of topics for me personally because, I wanted to make an energy producing machine that had little or no polluting waste.

My Family

I have four brothers,(Kenny, Mike, Matt, and Joe) four sisters,(Amber, Jakie, Jeannie, and Liz) three nieces(Courtney, Aliah, and Makayla) and two nephews(Jesse and Travis).
Two of my brothers,Mike and Matt, are going to high school and the other two, Joe and Kenny, are out working all day. Two of my sisters, Amber and Liz, are still in school, and one is getting her drivers license. The other two are also on their own and have jobs. My parents, Doris and Cory, are divorced. My uncles are in the horse racing business, not gambling but racing. My grandparent are always traveling and have go on trips whenever they get the chance.

My Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies are drawing, building models of characters from japanese cartoons. I also like to play most sports, but I hate playing on a real team. I draw pictures of warriors and illustrations to my stories, which I write all the time. My other hobby is researching the paranormal and unexplained, or any other thing I wonder about. 

My Plans for the Future

I have no real plans for the future yet, but I think that that will change soon. For I have been thinking of getting a job involving computers, art, science or math. I have also been thinking about become a professional author and publish the books that I have already written. If nothing comes around I will probably be flipping burgers!

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