Derek L.


Hi, my name is Derek. At the time I conducted this project I was eleven years old and was in the fifth grade at Selah Intermediate School.

My Family
 There are five people in my family. My mom's name is Allison and she is a stay at home mom. My dad's name is Kieth and he is the manager at Larson Fruit co. My older sister's name is Ashley. My younger sister's name is Adrienne. My dog's name is Rocco.

My Hobbies and Interests
I take three different private lessons for instruments. I take piano, violin, and electric guitar. I also like archery,reading, shooting guns safely, and video games. My favorite thing to do is to have friends over and go to their houses to play and mess around with them.

My Plans for the Future
I want to become a scientist studying Medieval Times. After going to college for my doctors degree. I will pass high school with awesome grades. I will marry

The Products I Created
Everyone in class conducted a survey. First, I wrote a few possible questions. I typed them and got them checked by the teacher, then I fixed my mistakes. I learned how to make response boxes and how to put two copies on one page in two columns. I selected a color and had 60 copies made. Next I made two appointments and actually conducted the survey with two classes, Ms. Sutter and Mr. Jonas. After I collected all of my data, I counted all the responses for the girls and for the boys. I entered these numbers into an excel spreadsheet. Then I made a graph for each question. I for matted each graph to be readable and colorful.
I would like to dedicate my project to my mom, because she helped me think of ideas for my project, and my research. I would also like to thank Mr. Newkirk 

Why I Chose This Topic
Ever since I was 3 or 4 years old, I have had a strong interest in Medieval times.  That is why I have decided to take this opportunity to study all about the Middle Ages. I am hoping that I will make many products when I am having this great experience in S.O.A.R. I hope to be a scientist studying this topic. 

How I Evaluate My Entire Project

(1)  How thorough and complete was my project?
I think that my project is thorough and complete because I did all of the things I was supposed to have and did them all well. I have four different products which are all very good. My report is very thorough and long. My display is colorful and everything is pasted on well.

(2)  What would I do differently if starting over again?
If I could start over I would take more notes to make my report longer even though it is a good length right now. I would also try to stay on task more than I did this time, try to work faster and more efficiently, and I would have tried to have a longer interview summary. 

(3)  What major strengths does my project have?
My major strengths run in many different things like products, reports, a face to face interview, and a display. I have two good blow-up drawings, a pamphlet, and a buzzer board. My report is long and well typed. I had a face to face interview. Finally my display is very well pasted straight and perfect.

(4)  What weaknesses or problems does my project have?
One of my major problems is how I mess around in class and I talk during work time. Another thing is my interview summary which is very short unlike the other peoples summaries. 

(5)  What did I learn to do better during this project?
I learned to do bibliographies better and cleaner looking. Also I learned to take notes better and more efficiently, faster, and better so I can make  paragraphs easier.

(6)  In what ways did I enjoy my study and work?
I enjoyed my note taking because every minute I would learn something new about Medieval Times. When I was doing products I liked doing them because they are awesome to make.

Who Helped Me With My Project
I would like to thank the following people….
* Mr. Newkirk for editing all my stuff.
* Mrs. Helms for helping me in many different ways.
* My Mom for driving me to my interview and for keeping me on track with my project.
* My Dad for encouraging me to keep up in my report.
* Pr. Easly for kindly letting me interview her.
* Last but not least my friends for keeping my spirits high.

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