Michelle M.


Hi, my name is Michelle. At the time I conducted this project I was 11 years old and was in the fifth grade at Selah Intermediate School.

The Products I Created

Everyone in class conducted a survey. First I wrote a few possible questions. I typed them and had them checked by the teacher, then fixed my mistakes. I learned how to make response boxes and how to put two copies on one page in two columns. I selected a color and had 60 copies made. Next I made appointments and actually conducted the survey with two classes. After I collected all of my data, I counted all the responses for the girls and for the boys. I entered these numbers into an Excel spreadsheet. Then I made a graph for each question. I formatted each graph to be readable and colorful.

My second product was a pamphlet. First I made a title page that included a title, clip art, and credits. Next I typed a fact sheet. I copied that and pasted it into my pamphlet. Then I typed eight questions and answers and pasted that into my pamphlet as well. I went to Crossword Companion and made a crossword puzzle. I saved it as a picture and inserted it into my pamphlet also. Then I printed my pamphlet and gave it to Mrs. Helms to make copies.

My third product was a blow-up drawing. To make this I had to find a picture I liked out of World Book, the internet, an atlas, or other book. Then I showed Mrs. Helms which picture I wanted to do and she made a transparency of it. Next went into the library and, using the overhead, traced the picture onto a piece of paper. Then I colored it and traced the outline with a black marker. I went on the computer and made labels for my picture. Then I printed them and cut them. Finally I glued the labels onto my blow-up.

My last product was a graph showing the names of the four most populated cities in China and their populations. First, I looked in World Book and found out what the four most populated cities in China are and what their populations are. Then, I put that information into an Excel spreadsheet. I made a bar graph of the information and chose what colors the bars would be. 

My Family

I have an average size family. It consists of my mom, my dad, me, and my brother, Erik. My mom is an assistant preschool teacher at a private school and she also baby-sits my cousins, Jace and Seth, three days every week. She enjoys teaching, baby-sitting, and reading. My dad is an author. He enjoys writing, listening to music, and watching movies. Erik is 14 and in eighth grade. He enjoys talking on the phone, surfing the net, playing video games, playing LEGOs, and playing on the computer.

My Hobbies and Interests

My hobbies include riding my scooter, playing volleyball, talking on the phone, drawing, riding my bike, playing on the computer, watching TV, surfing the net, and listening to music. My favorite sport is volleyball. My two favorite things to do are surf the net and talk on the phone. My interests are volleyball, dogs, and cats. I am going to try to be on the seventh grade volleyball team in two years. 

My Plans for the Future

In high school I want to work at Kings Row. I want to graduate high school with straight A's and go  to Washington State University for at least four years. I want to be a fashion designer, a singer, or a lawyer. I plan to take dance and singing classes. I also want to be on a professional volleyball team. I want live in Selah. 


I would like to dedicate my project to my mom, because she always makes sure I do my best.   

Why I Chose This Topic

Ever since I was a fourth grader, I've had a strong interest in China.  That is why I decided to take this opportunity to study all about China.

How I Evaluate My Entire Project

(1)  How thorough and complete was my project?
I think that my project was complete and very thorough because my report has lots of information and I have become a fifth grade expert on China, and that was the purpose of this project. 

(2)  What would I do differently if starting over again?
If I were starting over again I would make a buzzer board or a board game so people would have something to do, and I would pick a different topic such as Egypt. 

(3)  What major strengths does my project have?
I think the major strengths my project has are the report, because it is thorough and complete, and the display, because it is readable and colorful. I think that I have truly become a fifth grade expert on the subject of China. 

(4)  What weaknesses or problems does my project have?
The weaknesses or problems my project has are: my report is not as long as I would like it to be and there is so much information about China that I couldn't include everything in my report. 

(5)  What did I learn to do better during this project?
I learned to do all aspects of the project better such as the report, research, products, and display. Last year, the font sizes on my display were too small, but this year they were the right size. I also learned how to use Excel better and I learned how to make a graph.

(6)  In what ways did I enjoy my study and work?
I enjoyed my study and work when I worked on my products, especially my pamphlet and populations graph. I also enjoyed making my display board.

Who Helped Me With My Project

I would like to thank the following people for helping me with my project: 

  •  Mrs. Weller and her class for letting me survey them
  • Mrs. Eisenhower and her class for letting me survey them
  • Suzanne Lee for letting me interview her
  • Mr. Newkirk for teaching me how to do a SOAR project
  • Mrs. Helms for helping me with my SOAR project

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