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      Selah Junior High School --8th & 9th grade

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How to Do a Science Project the Selah Way! --by Mike Brown

Download Documents:    Blank Journal and Report     Blank Data Table     Blank Abstract     Blank Table of Contents

You and Your Science Fair Project: For Teachers, Students, and Parents

Official I.S.E.F. site - Rules, Guidlines, and Forms

SCIRUS - Science Search Engine! --GOOD science information

Science Fairs

Science Fair Project Ideas--Over 500 searchable project ideas, with instructions.

Student Research Reports --8 examples!

Super Science Fair Projects --Tips and Topics

Yahoo: Science Fair: Projects

Ultimate Sci Fair Resource

Kitchen Scientists: Home Experiment Ideas

Mad Scientist Library --St. Loius

Science Resources by Subject--ADVANCED!

Bill Beaty's Science Hobbyist

Stain removal ideas

Metric conversion table and metric explanations   Convert English Measurements to Metric (and vice versa)

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