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 Sequence of Events

Using books that are Cumulative

What you'll need:

A cumulative style book, such as The Napping House by Audrey Wood (1984). See the booklist for more examples.
Paper, scissors, writing utensil

What to do:

1. Read the book with your child.

2. Help your child identify, draw, and cut out the characters or objects in the story.
If you use The Napping House, draw and cut out the granny, the child, the dog, the cat, the mouse, and the flea.

3. Have your child put the cut outs in order as they appear in the story and retell the story.

1. Either you or your child writes the words on small pieces of paper or cards (3x5 cards work great) that match the drawings that your child made.

2. Have your child then match the labels to the cut outs. As your child is becomes familiar with the sounds of letters, suggest using clues such as the beginning sounds of the words to make a match. The child can also refer to the book to gain clues of words that are repeated.

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